When The Shadow Self Sings

How can I

Resist the urge

For suicide

When I’m

Surrounded by these

Pompously living


Liars, taunting

My tired, crippled

Shadow self?

What happens when a

Shadow dies–

Is it anything?

I am

Too much of a


To go out

Without singing

But I’m

See-through, now

The only kicks I get

Are dancing in your

Periphery, trying to

Get you to notice me

They say I’m your

Third eye but

Who’s counting?

You aren’t psychic

You just aren’t listening

What kind of

Potion does a guy

Have to fucking

Brew a bitch

To get noticed ?!

I’m stuck between a

Rock and a


If I died I’d be even

More of a burden to those around me

But I am not alive

I am not seen

What am I, even?

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