My Enemies

I used to think

I wanted to

Kidnap my

Tormentors and

Patronizers and

Mockers and

Trap them and

Feed them until they

Were immobile

Release them

Into society and

Watch them

Suffer as I have

Now I want to

Kidnap them

Give them

6 too many doses of


Keep them on it for

Years and years until their

Faces swell and their

Bones break

Make them

Go to fat camp and

Watch their

Ankles blister and their

Toes tear and bleed

Make them

Change publicly and

Show off all their

Pretty purple stretch marks

Taunt them

Call them fat and lazy

Watch them exercise

Endlessly and hear their

Shins splint and their

Asthmatic lungs wheeze

What’s wrong, fatty?

Eating too much, I see!!!

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