Mmmk so

Not to tally but

I’ve had

The gentle kind of love

The lustful variety

Tricky, fickle love,

The passionate kind

A timeless love

Unspoken and

Unforgettable kind of love

I’ve had abusive love

I’ve had manipulative love

I’ve had control and I’ve had

Nothing but stimulation, no love

I’ve loved myself and

I’ve loved hundreds

I’m ready for

The next kind

Raw, brutal, ancient and

Honestly–a bit supine

Cowardly and inverse

Animalistic, almost

Primitively divine

I want the sort of love

That leaves you crying

Alone broken and

Afraid of what you’re capable of

Oh wait

I’ve had plenty of that love

Maybe what I need

Is a box

To take my

Leftovers home

I’ve been living for love

My whole life

It’s motivated

Every move I’ve made


Instead of searching

For a love as alive as I am

I should be finding

A love willing to

Die with me, souls binding

A destiny in the stars

Molecules of our breath

Floating up

Meeting each other in the clouds

What if love

Doesn’t find anyone ?

What if love

Fissures out of us like

Gas leaking through

Cracks in our skin

Those that

Light a match

Inside you–

Exploding everything

In an instant

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