Mind Your Own Business

A friend of mine

Called me to

Update me on his

Diet progress and

Sent me pics and

Measurements unprompted

Bragged about

How easy it was and how

Much better his life is

After is

12 day diet cleanse


I have Cushing’s syndrome

I don’t need tips

I need you

To mind your own

Fucking business

Call me

When you find the courage

To exercise

After breaking your bones

And finding

Dark stretch marks

All over your

Arms and thighs

Poking out over

All exercise clothing

Talk to me

When you are

Physically unable to lose weight

And can best case scenario

Slow down your inevitable



I am not impressed

By your diet

Or your progress

And I don’t give a fuck

I’ve lived through

More hell than

You will ever know

Why would I be impressed

By some weak-willed idiot

Squandering the health

He was blessed with

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