Pity and Sin

My heart is so big

It bumps each side of the doorway

When I walk in

My heart is so big

It swells when the wind

Blows through me

Like sails billowing

My heart is so big

I’ve made friends

In an instant

Filling the atmosphere

With laughter and bliss and

Desperately trying to understand

Why my heart is so big

That people find me

Oppressive, pushing

My arteries onto

Other people’s necks

My Pumping blood, my

Thunderous heart rate

Pounding out, raging

For attention

My heart is so big

I have to exercise

With as many art forms

I am brave enough to attempt

My heart is so big

I am worried that

At any moment

I could go into cardiac arrest

My heart is so big

It looks black

From a distance

Bruised and battered

Dusty and

So densely bloodied

Purplish hues of

Passion, muscles blended

Sinewy and constricting

I have no skin

Just one giant

Pulsing, bleeding


Heart made of

Pity and sin

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