Sit Down!!! (S.O.G.B.C Garret)

This guy I know

Changed his profile picture

And made multiple posts

Celebrating a friend of his’s


He bragged about how

Amazing she is and how

Hard she works and how

Incredible she is

All because she won some

New big job post

I wondered

“Have they known each other

For a really long time? This

Post reads as if they grew up

Together, laughing and

Sipping on wine.”

They are in their

Mid-twenties so I really

Assumed they knew each other

Longer than a year and a few months

But I don’t think

It was even that

He just wanted everyone

To know

That ms. Big Job

Thinks he’s on

Her level, so now he is!

He made the announcement!

She knows him! She might even

Like him as a friend or musician

When I saw it

I was confused

Then the other posts

More confused

Now I’m just like

Goddamn you stupid bitch

You shamelessly opportunistic

Stupid fake cunt bitch

I hope you fucking die

In that mid-level orchestra hell

You are so desperately

Distancing yourself from

She will forget about you

The moment she finds a guy

Who wants to dick her down

Shamelessly opportunistic gay boy cunt

Just fucking sit down

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