Testosterone Is Cheating

My strength is


I don’t want to

Jinx it

I went to the gym

Three days in a row

Not a lot of recovery

And didn’t even wince

My body heals

So much faster than it did

The testosterone is

Really something else

Men have no idea

How much advantage they have

Built in

I did

Front squats

With the barbell

And had a damn fine time

15reps x 45lbs





15x 85




I did higher reps

And lower weights

Because my

Bone density is

Nonexistent and

My muscles degenerate

I have fucking

Cushing’s syndrome

You goddamn pussies

I shouldn’t even be able to

Get to the gym

Also I am missing

Part of my vertebrae

So I have pretty good reason

To take things easy

Before testosterone

This workout

Would have easily

Killed me.

The last time I did

Front squats after my


I did less than

Half of that set

I went to the

Chiropractor because

I couldn’t walk

After a week of rest and ice

Couldn’t walk still


I did all of that

And then hyperextensions

5 sets of 10

And dumbbell bench

5 sets of 12

And pull downs

4 sets of 15

And leg raises

4 sets of 10

And now I’m

Headed out for a walk

Before I hip thrust all evening

Into either

My pillow or

My lovers beautiful pussy


I’m not even tired

I don’t understand

Testosterone is cheating

Y’all are babies

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