Maybe I’m an ass


I never trust someone

Who’s had

Too much


Too little

Unrequited love

If they have

Never been rejected

  • They aren’t taking enough chances
  • If they’ve
  • Never requited
  • They perhaps
  • Are unable to
  • Or
  • Their a fantastic asshat jackasses
  • Who lives in a fantasy world
  • Where the only people they ask out
  • Are gorgeous strangers
  • They barely even know
  • Maybe my point here is
  • If you’re constantly
  • Blue balling yourself
  • With your own goddamn life
  • And your own goddamn choices
  • Learn some signals
  • Check your priorities
  • Unrequited love is an
  • Elaborate unchecked fantasy
  • It isn’t rocket science

    Or brain surgery

    To get somebody to

    Laugh, smile and maybe even

    Fall in love, for a while

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