Someone I’ve Never Met

I once knew someone

Who I

Projected understanding onto

I felt

For a second

That they might know me

For who and what I

Really am inside

I thought they knew

My struggle

My dedication

My passion and my


I thought they respected me

I thought they loved me

In a way that didn’t require


I thought all of this

Until the curtain fell

And there he was

Pants down

Balls lumpy

Oz is a fucking liar pansy

Also this friend of mine

Wasn’t the greatest lady

I guess I’m supposed to

Move on

But now I know

For certain

There is no one

Waiting to help me get back home

Now I know

This was all a bad dream

And auntie Em is gonna be

So mad at me

I know there isn’t any such thing as

Friendship or company or


It’s just

Me against all Oz


I don’t want to be human

I don’t want to be anything

I just want to be lonely

At least


Nobody can hurt me

Or disrespect me

Or treat me like I’m

Someone I’ve never met

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