*Comes out as trans*

*Friends and Family*

“I don’t want to

Call you by them

It’s weird and


Can’t we just

Use your old nickname

Until you change your name?”



That nickname is pretty


And so is the new name I

Compromised on

So maybe you guys

Should just try?

Crazy, I know!

Believe it or not

I don’t enjoy

Changing my name


Maybe just say

“E” instead?

I don’t like this

Stupid bullshit

Any more than you do”

*two weeks later*

*few names are exchanged between anyone*

*cis or trans alike*

Friend and family–

“E do this

E do that

E is a him”


“Not so far from home

Now, aren’t we

Auntie Em?”

Friends and family–




“Jesus fine ok I’m non-binary, bitches”

ain’t nobody gonna win

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