Smug Cunt

What makes

A cunt smug?

I’ve been wondering

I know that

Cunts are inherently

Not smug

I’ve been inside them plenty

They are quite

Selfless, open

Even welcoming

How could a cunt

Smugly do anything?

It’s like

Wet and flexible and


The opposite of smug

If you ask me.

Ohhhhhhhh right

Women are supposed to be



If a cunt is anything other than

Down, it must seem

Smug to its conqueror

Unless of course

The dick at hand

Understands that

Cunts aren’t smug at all

And in fact

Need a lift

Or a pillow

I’ve never met

A cunt smug enough

To look down on me

When I’m fucking cunt

Maybe it’s


Maybe it’s


Maybe “smug”

Is just another word for


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