Date Becky

If you wanna

Date me

You’re gonna have to

Somehow deal with

Being doted on

From the moment

I meet you

No matter what

We do, or where

We go I will make

Too many jokes

I will expect there to be

A walk, lots of

Talking and maybe even some

Playing. I hope there is

A meal incorporated

Or at least a cup of coffee

If you like me

And you want to

See me again

I’ll have you over to

My place and I’ll

Bake you some

Fresh fruit cobbler

Whatever’s in season

I’ll make it fresh

We’ll talk and

Vibrate will it bakes

When our energy is

Almost too much to take

The timer beeps and

We’re too deep in pussy

To possibly eat anything

That’s what it’s like

To date me

At least

That’s how I treat a lady


P. S. I don’t do

Clubs or pubs

I will do drugs but

Only the kind that

Make us kinder, I suppose

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