I hate everyone

Who’s ever

Tried to teach me

How to lose weight


I hate everyone

I’ve ever met


I have Cushing’s syndrome

I’ve dealt with more

Than you’ve ever had to

Or will ever have to

I know

Everything there is to know

About dieting

And portion sizes

Thanks for letting me know

Over and over and over and over again

With a patronizing smile

I can’t wait to

Skin you in hell

11 Replies to “Everyone”

  1. Whippoorwill

    I drink lots and lots of water and tea between every mouthful. And then I need to pee a lot. Like, a lot. I’m pretty confident I could extinguish the flames of hell. With my pee. Am I being helpful? Or am I gonna get skint alive in hell?

    • Becky WTGH

      I can only assume that pee will help you in hell 🤣😂🥳🔥it’s gonna be such a party tho I’m so ready

      • Becky WTGH

        I think that if you end up in hell with the same people that put you there, you oughta be allowed a dramatic xena/Gabrielle heaven/hell rescue two part episode

    • Becky WTGH

      This is unusual considering you’ve been so silent. Maybe you’re just fast-forwarding? I’ve had vertigo, that shit sucks. It’s ok to be a dizzy cunt AS LONG AS you don’t have vertigo. Then—take a Benadryl.

      • Whippoorwill

        I break through the clouds sometimes. It’s nice. But it’s kind of sad too. It doesn’t last long. I can feel the silent shadows closing in even now. It’s like someone turning off all the lights, one by one. I miss talking to you so much when I’m away. I try to stay in the light where it’s nice but I don’t seem to have what it takes.

      • Becky WTGH

        I have been growing tomatoes. And gai lan. And peppers. And I have a very hot cabbage. The light is where the food is, yo

      • Whippoorwill

        I was able to keep my food down last night. I think that’s why I’m so full of beans today. Mostly I can’t keep food where it belongs. Pesky ptsd. I had a hamburger and a brownie while my only one and me watched Mr. Robot.

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