I am attracted

To the way people make me feel.

I don’t have a type of person,

Or a type of look–

I have a type of feel.

I like it when people

Make me feel at ease,

Comfortable and free.

I like when someone

Laughs with me, not at me.

I like to feel included,

I like to feel respected.

I like to feel important,

I like to feel needed.

I like to feel myself relax

Into the moment

I like to feel understood

I like to feel curious

I like to feel adventurous

I like to feel things that

Make me want to live

And unfortunately

Some of those feelings

Are bad

I often have to feel

Lots of bad things

All the time.

My brain doesn’t work right.

Most people

Can’t handle feeling

Anything but alright

They silence the bad ones

Discredit feelings

Suppress emotions

They don’t want to

Feel so freely, I suppose

They are broken

They only want to

Feel things that make them

Smile and move-on

Never ones that

Validate what happened.

I don’t dwell–

I process slowly

I need to learn what I can

So it doesn’t happen to me again

I don’t think

It makes me weak

To face my demons head-on

I think rather


Is the scariest monster of all

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