Quillette Anna Slatz

I read this



Bad poem

About “fat-acceptance”

And the dangers of


She used examples of

Fat people being

Medically mistreated

Side-by-side with

Her own opinions of how

They deserved it

And how obesity kills a

High percentage of people

Every year just the same

What does it matter if it was an

Undiagnosed tumor

Or cancer or whatever

If the fat fuck is just going to

Stay fat and “love themselves?!”

I think maybe this

Anna Slatz has never been able

To make eye contact with a fat thing

Long enough to be able to

Hear it speak without


It’s a real shame to me

That people would sooner

Publish and share and discuss

An article written by someone

Pure, ignorant from any experience

With the subject they have such

Strong opinions on

I try to avoid

Talking about things I haven’t lived

I try to avoid assuming

Things about problems I don’t have

It is so sad to me

That this woman

Is terrified of

“Fat acceptance”

Something made up by

Bigots who wish they didn’t have to

Treat fat people as if they aren’t dying

Despite the overwhelming evidence

That many diseases cause obesity

And that none of anyone’s health

Is any of your business

A guy in my sixth grade class

Totally normal healthy kid–

Jeff Hayden was his name

Got a brain tumor

And died within two years.

He gained almost

100 pounds from the tumor alone

Before he died.

He looked like

A different person at the end

They only ever use picture of him

When he was thin.

His family treated him

As an alien

All the last days of his life

Because he gained weight

Due to a tumor

Growing quickly,

Crushing his insides.

“What do I care about this

Stupid fat brain tumor kid?!”

But wait!

He wasn’t always fat!

He used to be one of you all!

Ohhhhhhhh wait

There is no such thing

Once you become fat

You were never

“One of them”

You could say

“Who cares what

Normal averages joes

Say and think about these issues–

Doctors help fat people and

Doctors are on top of this!

I need to motivate fatties

By shitting on them because

The doctors are too nice and

The fatties are ignorant”

I genuinely wish

That was how anything was

I have never met anyone

Unwilling to lecture me about my weight

What’s been said has been said

You do not accept me

I accept that

I desire to be healthy,

More than any of you could understand.

You are healthy !

You fucking bigot!

Isn’t that enough for you ?

Why do you have to

Take away my health,

My privacy

My peace of mind, too?

I have Cushing’s syndrome

It makes my life a living hell

I often daydream about death

But I know that my weight

And my health struggle

Are not disastrous because of my lifestyle

My lifestyle is impeccable,

Despite the challenges I face daily

Because of my disease

I walk, swim, regularly lift weights

Grow my own food and eat

Healthy portions of balanced recipes

When I was four years old

I began having

A severe reaction to my asthma medication

That I still have to take today

I need to take my asthma medication

In order to breathe

What do you suppose I do?

Accept my fate?


Or die of obesity

While no doctor treats me

Because of the stigma you

So casually dismiss as healthy

Ahhh yes,

I suppose to some

It makes more sense to

Eliminate the lowest hanging fruit

Isn’t that awfully

Lazy of you?

I suppose here

The greatest fear

Is allowing fat People

A moment of peace

Before they become statistically

Relevant to your article

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