A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow

It’s clear that

Many of the

Citizens of WordPress

(Sorry I’ve been watching

Too much Batman lately)

Only read

Other people’s stuff

To try and promote

Their own shit



It’s totally cool

All is good, all is well

I understand

I just


Feel a little backed-in

To a corner or something

I mean, like

I do all this

Because I have so many feelings

I would explode, or

Destroy every relationship around me

Unless I write

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of things

Random bullshit nonsense things

Like poems and thoughts and rants and tirades

I love this outlet, I feel somewhat

Anonymous here

I don’t want this treasure

Eventually ruined

By bitter feelings of

“Unrequited activity”

Trust me, babe

There is no such thing

I requite

I am requiting

I am an endless fountain of

Thank you for loving me

I just do this

For myself, and myself only

I’m sorry if you are sad

That I don’t like all your stuff

I read approximately

57x more poems, articles, blogs, posts than

Things that I like or follow

I see all of it and I see

A lot of weird stuff also

Like the people who share the same four poems

Over and over and over and over again for years

I like your stuff a ton dude but like

Don’t you have anxiety or something? Fucking vomit more words

See here look at me


It’s nasty but

Sometimes you just gotta



10 Replies to “A Like For A Follow And A Share For A Swallow”

      • Becky WTGH

        Serious congrats to you sinner

        I once barfed on someone while talking to them standing up. It was extremely embarrassing, but I was too drunk to notice until later

      • Whippoorwill

        That is embarrassing. I once went on a first date with a cold when I probably should have cancelled. I did an accidental snot right on my dates shoe. Yep. Shoulda cancelled.

      • Becky WTGH

        The worst thing is that’s far from being the only time I’ve barfed on someone I was talking to. I barfed on my current girlfriend, which was very dramatic because we were only dating and she is terrified of vomit

      • Becky WTGH

        It’s true there are always carrots being snuck into my stomach

        Damn patronizing rabbit police

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