New Shoes

I got new shoes

Because I

Sold one of my

Most precious belongings

Now I can


A little more comfortably.

I guess this is


Don’t you dare

12 Replies to “New Shoes”

  1. Whippoorwill

    That’s really freaky. I was just wondering what kind of shoes you wear. Although really I just wanted to tell you what kind of shoes I wear. You know, like when you’re talking to someone and you think they’re listening but really their just thinking about what they’re going to say next. I do that. I try not to but I do. I catch myself in the act. Although going mute helped a lot, people hardly talk to me at all now. It’s too hard to communicate with someone who don’t say nothin’. See how I turned things around and made the conversation all about me? I’m a fink I think. A self centered egocentric fink.
    Oh, hi sinner. I forgot I was in your comments section and went away with the faeries.

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