The Wrong Side of the Fence

All the traits

Celebrated in men

That I emulate

Are extremely


When expressed

By someone on

The wrong side of the fence

Being strong

Being bold

Being a leader

Being ambitious

Being proactive

Being productive

Being something at all

These things are reserved for

The dominant sex

And I was born with a


All I’ve ever wanted

Is to order your food

And build your deck

And burp and fart and

Play with your clit

What is so


About any of that?

Besides the fact

That I’m on

The wrong side of the fence

Being good at the wrong things

Sticking out for

All the wrong reasons

Why can’t you just

Let me live here, in peace?

Maybe we could even

Take this ugly rotted fence down

Or something

Who am I

Just some woman

Making suggestions

Stating her opinions

As if she was some sort of man

Men are dreamers but

Women are just schemers

Always out to get something

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