Dysphoria Ramblings

“Dysphoria doesn’t mean you hate yourself”

But doesn’t it?

I don’t hate myself at all

But I do wish I had

Different parts

That’s dysphoria

And it results in me

Being unhappy with my body

I don’t hate myself

I just used to hate

How my skin felt

And how my pussy smelled

And how my body looked

And how my voice sounded

And what my hair looked like

And what my experience in society was/is

Isn’t that


To make any strong,


Powerful person

Kinda hate themselves sometimes?

I’m sorry I’m not always

High enough to disconnect

How I feel from what I am

Maybe if I lived in a

Legal state that would change

But I don’t think it makes me

A bad trans person

Or a bad ally

To hate the way my body feels

When I’m inside it

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