Pity-Inducing Confidence Boosting Friendship

Ever been friends with someone

Who only talks to you

Because you make them

Feel better about themselves?

This has been

The most common

“Friendship” I get allotted

Allotted–because I never choose it


Who the fuck would choose

To talk to people

Who see them as pitiful?

I certainly don’t

But alas

I get talked to

As if I am pitiful

More often than otherwise

This sort of thing is

Very, very triggering to me

So much so that when it happens

I usually say something

And then people

Magically somehow

Interpret all of that

As meaning that I have

Low self-esteem

Or my favorite

Anger issues

And need babying

I don’t need babying

I need one person

On earth

In my lifetime

To see me for who I am

Instead of assuming

That I’m some sort of

Weak-willed low-confidence

Pity gorging monster who’s

Only purpose is to

Make you feel better

About your life and your problems

I hope you fly

Straight to the moon,

Icarus cunt

And fry up there nice and

Golden brown

I’ll be here

Getting high

Waiting for my

Chicken fingers

To fall down

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