Am I Straight Now?

I kinda feel straight

I know I’m

Non-binary and shit but like

I’m gonna eventually

Look kinda macho and

Act pretty surly

People already think

Somethings up and

I’m buff for a chick as it is

People are gonna think

I’m straight soon

I guess they don’t have to know

About all the

Manpussy action I get

I adore having my insides

Pleasantly tickled

I’m no different than any other

Joss Whedon fan at the end of the day

I guess I’m straight

But I’m also

Really fucking gay

At least if I hadn’t gone

Full Bane and started

Venom injections biweekly

My poison ivy lady is

Pretty fond of my new body

So am I,

Does loving my own muscle

Make me gay?

Right– loads of straight guys

Love being buff and in the way

Oh well

I’m just

Going by my old name while

Shaving my hairy face and

Oiling my tiny cock

Nothing seems out of place

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