I’ve shown

Weakness my whole life

Because of my

Abysmal health often others

Assume I’m weak because

I deserve it, somehow

Oftentimes weak people

Are portrayed as

Comfortable with their weakness

Proportionate to their pain

I don’t see myself

As anything other than

A man with goals and plans

To live life as full as I possibly can

And for someone with

Low bone density and

Paper skin, that often means

Staying in.

I have still

Overcome most of it

But no matter what I do

No matter how hard I work

I am seen as weak

By those who have never faced

Trials anywhere near what I have conquered

I should be dead you motherfuckers

Don’t give me your pity

Pity from some weak cunt bitches

Who’ve never been tested

Never been invested

You know what

Weakness really is?

The temptation to

Boost yourself with pity

For yourself or others

Maybe instead of

Accusing me of excuses and

Assigning behaviors to my

Broken diseased body

You should be working on

Strengthening your

Listening skills or maybe

Observing the fire

That burns so plainly in my eyes

How could anyone see me

Lock eyes with my windows

And see anything other than

Raw, unbridled inferno ?

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