My Ass Is Deflating

Last call

For any and all persons

Interested in

Riding my ass

It is deflating

It’s going to be

Hard and muscly soon

I fear

My non-binary self

Is mourning the loss

Of a dear friend

I thought I’d never see the end of

I came to terms with

My sumptuous rear

When I realized

You can’t really shave your pelvis

Or ever make that thing disappear

But here I am

Watching my ass deflate

My pussy dry up

My acne is here but my

Dick is still teeny

I know I know

I said it was big but

I was lying

My soft luscious skin

Doesn’t betray me as much

But I can’t help but

Mourn the loss

Of some feminine charms

I wasn’t fully at odds with

I’m still on the right path

I just wish I’d

Charmed a few more dicks

Even though I’m

Super into chicks

Funny how this

Nonsense is

I guess now

I’m better able to appreciate

What y’all missed

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