When I was a kid

People would treat me

As if I was

Prone to violence

Because they knew

How much kids picked on me

They knew I had

Reason to hate,

Reason to fight

They knew I had a need for


I do not have

A violent bone in my body

I have defensive bones

Maybe that’s what they

Were so scared of

They knew my alarms

Are easily triggered

But who’s fault is that?

Why am I

The one who’s a monster

When you all

Sold me the system?

I am not

An angry, violent person

I am sad and I am

Intimately aware

Of people’s worst instincts

I don’t think that makes me

Bitter, angry or spiteful

I think it makes me


I don’t need space

I need people

Who don’t see a bomb

In the first place

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