The Butchest Butch

I am not sure yet

If I truly identify as a man

I’ve mostly been

Acknowledging the

Obviously masculine

Characteristics that I have

And instead of feeling

Sick to my stomach–

I just feel glad!

And kinda horny

I just kinda

Loved being a lesbian?

I don’t really wanna

Not identify as that, ever.


I am that.

I just also wish

I was a 6’6″


Viking god with a

Magic cock

I don’t really find

These identities

At odds with each other

But boy is it hard

To explain to my therapist

And literally anyone else

Who asks me

What my name is

Lmfao I dunno

What day is it?!

I think for now

I’ll be

The butchest butch

Until I

Find my name, again.

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