I Wish I Could Delete You…

Yes, you

Podcast episode you

The one where I say

All the wrong things

In the wrong way

And don’t mean any of it

The ones I made

In the beginning

When I had no idea

What this was

Or what I was doing

Fun fact–!!

You can’t fucking delete

Anything on the internet

I know people say that

But it’s like

Actually true

I can’t delete top bottom/switch or wtf


It just won’t disappear

No matter what

I legit like

Cringe when I hear it?

I am afraid of it

I don’t feel

That way

About almost any of the things

I said in that episode

Any more

I don’t believe in anything anymore

I am now

A professional skeptic

Of my own show.

Why haven’t I been

Releasing regular episodes?

Because I can’t fucking handle

The ones I’ve already published

It’s a fucking

Whole lot

Try it,

Then you’ll know

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