Deserves Better

I was watching

This police report video

About a developmentally disabled

Black girl in chicago

Who was brutally beaten

Humiliated, lost for 5 days

Sexually abused, and

Eventually turned into her father

Who took her to the hospital.

People are unanimously chanting

That this poor

Developmentally disabled girl

“Deserves better”

I am confused

As to how

She deserved any of this?

She didn’t!

That’s the point!

She doesn’t deserve better–

She deserves NONE OF THIS


What exactly

Is a better version

Of what they did to her?

What is a better version?

Is it what is reserved

For her attackers?

Should she instead

Be treated as

An aggressor?

Bold, ambitious —

Cunning and vicious

What do they deserve?

Jail? Punishment?

Like the one they gave

To the disabled girl?

Outside of a

Police station?

All people are talking about

Is social media’s role in this

I’m too transfixed

By how nobody

Once has asked

How human beings

Are capable

Of such atrocities

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