The truth

Is that I hurt

Every single day

Long before I

Knew what pain was

I hurt

I am broken,

Diseased and generally

Unwell. I am not here

To be comforted

I cannot be comfortable

I am here

To try and speak

As many truths

As I can interpret

I hope that maybe

My interpretations

Will be respected

But I don’t have

High hopes

I am crushed

By disappointment

By fickle fiends

Life made me it’s bitch

And I’m toppier than

I’ve ever been

The truth is

I couldn’t quit

Even if I

Really wasn’t good enough

But now that I know

How you really feel

I can’t sleep, I can’t

Wake, and I can’t

Exist. I would

Try to die, but I can’t

Give into this

I need to somehow

Figure out

How to cause

At least as much pain

As I’ve been dealt

I’ve tried healing

I’ve tried art

I’ve tried expression

Now it’s time

For pain and violence

I’ve give up on

Decency, I am here for


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