Facetime/Skype/Video Chat Is A Portal To Hell


I prefer phone calls

I could probably just

Stop right there–after saying


But I will continue

For the sake of art.


Video chat

Is a social perversion

A parody of conversation

A simulation

Of bodies talking

Without cognizance or

Fluidity, an imitation

Of intimacy

Mouths and lips

Imitating gestures of

Interactions resulting in

A collection of shallow

Pietous observations based on

Wild speculations, tinted with

Aluminum can on a string audio quality

Screeching and echoing and cutting out

Right where you most need to

Talk or be heard

Wifi does not connect

It hums, buzzes,

Warms our wavelengths with

Anxious bubbling chatter

Yet no one feels better

Maybe for some it matters

For me, I prefer old timey methods

Like twirling fingers and wrist patterns

Awkward shuffles and

Mumbled meaningful murmurs

Bumping shoulders and

Catching scents, wondering

Where all the silence went

Instead of

Zoning out, wondering what

Your facebook says, while being

Called away in the distance



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