The worst part

Of being myself

Is that I’ve always been

Too fat to be respectable

But definitely, absolutely

Never so fat that I’m not

Still fuckable

I’m just the kind of fat

That you have an

Incredible time with

And pretend like

You’re just friends or

You don’t know me

The moment people

Have to see you

Associate with me

Always be sure

To walk

10-15 feet ahead of me

Never ever hike in proximity

Of fat lady thing

Or goddamn

Hold hands

Never ever ever

People will see you

And think you’re doing

Charity or something

It’s far better

To blow your load

And act like

You don’t know me

That’s what fuckable fat

Is to most people, anyway

I’m not bitter

Just confused

And a bit murderous

The HRT is quite literally

Melting me

I am turning into a

Hard, thin body

Soon people won’t recognize me

For me

They might even

Want to fuck me

And show picture of me

To their friends

I think maybe

I’d sooner

Skin them all

And wear them

Like curtains

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