You Are SO Cute—Wait…

That moment when

You think someone is

Cute IRL but then you

Check their socials and

They have multiple

Weekly albums of

Melancholic, well-lit

Flattering photos

Some might call them

Selfies, or portfolios

But when you’re also a

Law student, it gets kinda

Confusing. I suppose

People should be proud

Of the things they have,

I sure am! I also love

Physical beauty as much as

Anybody, I just also value

Other attributes, such as

Personality, morality, and

How much they love

Touching my pee-pee

Again though most importantly

I wish people understood

That beauty is in the eye

Of the one looking,

You are supposed to see your own

But you aren’t supposed to be

In love with no one else

As much as you are

Your weekly photo sesh

For real though holy shit

Why doesn’t anyone even

Think this shit is weird anymore

It’s not gendered, either

Don’t kid yourself

Gym selfies count

Why can’t you just

Enjoy life, enjoy your body

And look somewhere else

Somewhere besides yourself

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