Frail/Just Human

It makes me really


When women are so

Weak and small that they are

Frail, even if they are

Young and full of life

It seems to me

They go way out of their way

To be so small

And so frail

Performative, almost

But also it’s just

Something that

Even at my weakest

Unable to stand, unable to walk

I was never frail

I also admittedly

Find it extremely

Weird and fucked up and

Extra kinky

For men to be sexually

Attracted to such people

Such frail, tiny small people

I can’t help but think

That they get off

On their vulnerability

Which is kink

It’s just not for me

Which is fine, but

It almost seems

Like society

Worships frailty

In women, and almost

Encourages me to be frail

Encourages me to be

Vulnerable, so then when

I am, it proves their point

That women are whores

Who need to be dominated

I just hate it

Sorry, maybe I’m just human

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