I’m Full-Spectrum

Here’s the deal

I’ve had Cushing’s syndrome

Since I was four

And my parents

Only just now learned

At 27

They are the sort

That don’t believe in

Things god didn’t plan for

So they don’t worry

Even if their kid

Is dying somewhere

They aren’t

Christian fundamentalists


But they don’t intervene

Unless others tell them to

It is this

And many, many other instances

That make me think I might be

On a spectrum of something

Autism maybe

They wouldn’t ever

Ever diagnose me

They would never look

For something like that

Especially not in their

Weird fat daughter man thing

I don’t know enough

To know for certain

But I know I’m not

Like the rest of them

Also I’ve been odd

And off, and mistaken

For the whole duration

I also

Desperately seek friendship

In the weirdest ways

At the strangest times

To unwitting patrons

Of the coffee shop

And also I can’t do interviews

With people that aren’t my friends

Because I’d vomit

Also I’m not famous enough


I am

Pretty confident

Things are moving along but


Is still a word

I use often

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