Rock Removal For CHRIST

We want to hire

Someone, somewhere


To remove

Massive piles of rocks

Left on our property

By the people that used to live here

Weeds grow up through the rocks


We can’t mow, the weed mats

Aren’t working


We live in Kentucky

And the only available services

Are Christian companies

“Enter a code here

To read a bible verse

And get a 10% discount”

I shit you not I’d rather pay

Ten times more

Than put a single cent

In a bible pusher’s hand

I legit

Just want to mow my lawn


Go inside

And mow my girlfriend’s

Seamless transition

Pussy eaters for Christ

That’s my business


Somebody please come help

My back is bullshit

And I can’t do this

By myself

I know!!

I’ll pray for a miracle!!!!!

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