Parks And Rec Was Secretly Written By Disciples and I Have Proof

Shit is timeless as fuck

I watched that show

Through two major surgeries

Remembered none of it and

All of it, have rewatched it

More times than I can count

My girlfriend plays it

As background for most things

Like cooking and cuddling and

Hanging around. We watch it

As a sort of binky, honestly

It’s weird but I’m down–

I’m always down for parks

You tell me people won’t be

Distributing copies of this show

In a few thousand years

Saying “RIP Little Sebastian–

You’re 5000 candles in the wind–

Don’t be a Jerry about it,

Have some waffles with

Extra whipped cream, pour

The snake juice and come

Live in the pit with me,

You’re the andy to my april,

The Ann to my Amy

Give me all the eggs and bacon you have

What’s so special about the goddamn shapes!?”

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