I am a bit obsessed

With shitting on religion

Mostly because I feel

That I am more religious

Than most religious people.

I live and practice a

Firm moral code that is

Less forgiving than most,

I break my own rules

I forgive myself and others

I have my own confessional and I

Don’t need followers

My anxiety and my guilt

Wreck me with shame and

Beat me with humility that

No preacher could persuade me

I am here, shipwrecked

On this reality, trapped between skins

Between communities, I don’t plan

On making amends, I will just

Preach until my lungs

Dry, crack and bleed

A religion of penance

A sadism of the soul

Fueled by a profound hatred

Of petulant humanity

I was a preacher–

A priest and a patron of love

There is no love left, so I’ve

Traded in my apron and

Learned self-defense

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