The Way Stars Gaze

You probably already know this

By now I’d think

But I love you

I’ve loved you since

I first met you

There is something

About the way you are

The way your bones

Fit in your skin

The way your eyes hover

On my lips, watching me

Talk but barely listening

I’ve loved you since

Before I knew what love was

Way before

I may not know even still

But I have a guess

Maybe it’s the way

Our silences fill with

Understanding, sweet communion

Of shared experiences and

Longing, a love and lust

Passion and pursuit of pussy

Finer things in life like

Love and community

Family and connection,

Belonging and loving

I love you because before

I knew you I did not know

Softness, or the incredible

Strength that comes with it

You are my hero in so many ways

I love you

The way stars gaze

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