I don’t really believe in marriage

Marriage is a contract

It’s a written agreement, used to be

An exchange of property

I am a hopelessly

Romantic personality

I like to think

That life has meaning

I also like to think

That my lover

Loves me


I kind of like

Committing, instead.

I say

I love you

And rub her down and

Take care of her when she’s sick

I go to weird family outings

Even though I bet so anxious

I throw up and cry a bit

I encourage her endeavors

I listen to her troubles

I love when she makes me

See double

I am committed to this person

I don’t need anything else

Other than

My own overwhelming sense

Of loyalty and dedication

It doesn’t mean

Never straying

It doesn’t mean

No one else exists

It means I’m committed

To helping our love live

There isn’t anything

In it for me

And that is the bliss

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