I Am Misery

When my ex left me

I swore to myself

I’d never let anybody

Hurt me like that again

I got cocky, I assumed

People only matter matter when you

Fuck and move in

Friends are just friends

They only matter so much

True, and undeniably

My life goes on exactly the same

No matter what, but–

I’ve been distracted,


Blindsided and debilitated

Bitching and bleating

My girlfriend is begging me

To stop

My blustering blubbering

But oh bother

I Am Misery

Back-stabbed by a bullshitter.

I’m not new to

Swallowing tough pills

I’ve felt pain in ways

That poems sing, But

I never expected to feel so

Insolent, so ignorant and so

Innocently tortured by

The pain of losing a friend

Now I understand

All those pathetic

Superhero villains

I’m starting to see one

In my reflection

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