Lesbians Kicked Out Of Church/The T Is Working

I saw an article

About a lesbian couple

Being kicked out of

The church they met at,

Which is like

Usually the sort of thing

Christians worship

God and commitment and

Community and shit


They had a formal vote

And issued a letter

Saying they were banned

From the church and it’s services

Cuz they be lickin all that good pussy

Or something like that

I didn’t read the

Actual letter

I was too distracted

By how

Conventionally femme and blonde and

Hot they were

I was like


Why are these

Hot blonde ladies

Getting kicked out of church?

Cuz they won’t marry

Some creepy jerk?

Who wouldn’t want

To sit in service

And fantasize about them

Getting it on together

Forever in holy

Lesbian matrimony

Somebody get the lights

Cuz I see porno awards in the making

I think maybe

The t is working

Before I would’ve been

Angry, but now

I’m just wanking

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