People are constantly cautioning me

To avoid burnout

They did it when I was

Young and they

Still do it now

I wonder what exactly

Burnout really is?

In my experience

I have been quite,

Quite burnt out.

Maybe people only

Respect burnout in

Successful people you’d

Actually want to be–

Alas my situation is that

Where my burnout is

Much more real and

Much more imposing than most.

I have been totally fried

I’ve broken my back

Been disowned

Been unemployed and been


I’ve quit and I’ve

Given up trying

Which seem to be

Different things–

You’d know if you’ve done it.


I would never consider myself

“Burnt out”

Especially since I

Always keep trying.

I’ve had obstacles

I’ve had years of blackness and despair

I’ve had an empty, listless stare

But inside

Deep inside

There is a fire that rages eternal

A fire determined

To prove something

Something about the way

Life is meant to be endured

I might not be doing

What you are

The way you do

And I might not be

Burning blue, intensely

As if fuel is eternal

And resources are prayer food–

But I can’t understand

The people

Who get extinguished

And don’t just

Go out,

Buy a lighter

And continue

As if nobody saw you

Go out.

The best thing about people

Is that they are

Fickle and stupid

You can fail

Time and time and time and time again

And all they’ll ever remember

Is the one time you win

So tell me

Why burnout is such a sin ?

I’d be much more embarrassed

To be the one

Quitting with the

Lighter still in their hand

Than to be the one

Who admitted they

Felt like quitting

But found the strength

To try again

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