Music Isn’t A Field

I have a friend

Who did some

Summer camps in high school

Who considers herself

A professional musician

Despite having never been

Classically trained or

Professionally tested at all

She’s never even had

A single paid Gig

But she lectures me

About how she is

So glad she “left music when she could”



You can’t leave something

You never came to

But here’s the deal

I work

I make money

I get enough paid gigs

To keep the lights on

And yet

I played a gig

With someone last weekend

I went to school with

Three years ago

And he didn’t recognize me

And asked me

How the normal life was going

Since I wasn’t doing music

Or auditions

It was like

The twilight zone

Cuz I am

So it’s like


What am I allowed to be pissed about with this?

The person who

Isn’t qualified and

Insisting she is

Or the person

Who treated me

Like how I just did?

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