I identify as a


More than any of my other identities

Even more than lesbian–

It’s more just something

I’ve noticed about myself

I only feel

Sexual energy towards

Someone I connect with

It doesn’t always take

Time, but it does have to be

Real and profound enough

For my pussy to wake up

I need to know that

You like me

For more than just my

Ass and my affections

I need to know that

You need me

For something other than

My endless enthusiasm

For your everything

I will obsess over you

And make you feel

Like a god, so please

Don’t let that

Go to your head,

If you lie to me

Like I’m your pet

Withhold, patronize

Chide me with nonsense

My demisexuality

Won’t like that one bit

I’ll flip a shit

And bleed out

Lying is worse than

Breaking up

When trust

Is how you bust a nut

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