White, Straight Male Magic Unicorn Friend–You Are Too Good To Mention, So I Don’t.

I’ve been giving

Entirely too much air time

To people that don’t matter or exist fully

As individuals. It’s really pretty dumb

And selfish of me to not point out

How many people have been



Particularly my

Straight male friend with

Nothing to lose

Who listens to every single episode

Checks in when I sound blue

And has been calm, supportive and

Unbiased about the whole thing

From the get-go

He is like

So incredible, and so magical

I take him for granted, not because

I want to, but as a defense mechanism–

He is so great, if he gets less perfect

My world will shatter even more

Than it already has. So I guess you could say

I try not to give anything away

About the people who stick through

The awkward, weird uncomfortable parts

In the beginning, where the podcast

Sucks and the blog didn’t even have

Poetry! *gasp*

I worry if I give him the credit

He deserves, he will feel a bit awkward

About how he is one of the most beloved fans

Of the gayest podcast in the universe

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