The Two Of Me

Down here in the


People always think I’m some

Insane, angry, man-hating pervert

Who’s daddy beat her and who’s

Mother ran out, and I’m over here like

whoaaa dude

Wow okay what the fuck

How Do I get myself out of this

Impossible corner?!

I mean

I’m just a fat lady

Wearing a long-sleeve henley

It’s not exactly a pride parade

But to some, it is, anyway–

There is definitely association

With homosexuality and

Rebellion and perversion

And if I ever mention that I am

A lesbian it is always conflated with

Many many things. Like–

Feminism, manhating and some sort of

Trauma. All legitimate issues with all people–

Of all orientations, of all gender expressions.

All of those issues

Are real issues

That loads of people struggle with

People like gay men, people like

Cis hetero women, literally everyone.

I, fortunately

Am very lucky

I love my dad, I have a

Somewhat damaged relationship with my mother, and a

Dangerously toxic and non-existant disowned relationship

With my sister

I do not feel the need

To explain myself, I just really

Really need someone

To understand this about me.

I do not hate men, I love them.

If anything, I hate and distrust women.

Especially anyone that reminds me

Of my sister.

I am a humanist, a feminist, and I also believe in

Men’s issues and men’s rights, I think that

Both the genders have loads of bullshit

They need to sort out, and that

Gender norms and gender stereotypes

Are making all of us very miserable

Not just me, yo!

People need support, encouragement and

Positivity to thrive. I don’t believe in

Trimming the fat, because I’ve seen

Too many half-dead plants

Start to thrive. Ableism is a

Cancer of the mind, our society needs

A lot more art and a lot more empathy

Loads of which are all around me, but

Sometimes people are too busy, or

Too stressed or too obsessed with

Money and success to care about

Anything other than distinguishing

Themselves from each other

When I have only ever found

Peace noticing the parts of ourselves

That are the same,


I just wish that people understood

I’m no different from any of you

I am just a sad dude moping around

In a fat lady suit, wondering if

Anyone will ever be able to appreciate

The two of me

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