Something I noticed in

Grade school has really stayed true

The whole time I’ve been here with all of you

People who aren’t fat

See other’s fatness

As a temporary state of being, perpetuated by

A series of small, poor

Choices they are making.

Even fat people think this

About themselves, but for me

My cushing’s syndrome packs on fat

No matter what I eat.

My individual choices are helpful, but not

An indicator of how I look or how healthy I may be

I just read a really moving post

About a lady with Lupus

Who has experienced great weight fluctuations and

Has experienced lots of rejection and judgment

For her weight, including even having lost

All of it, and then gained it back

Due to various complications with the Lupus

I don’t think much of the situation besides

Her strength and resilience being incredible

But the whole tale

Was peppered with self-depreciating

Admittances to indulgences

She couldn’t help but mention

That she had a publix cookie vice

To me, I just wonder if she knows

How much shit healthy people eat

And get away with

Just simply because

Their fucking bodies work right

When you became sick, weight was

Symptomatic of your illness, and yet

You still take fault, despite the evidence

That your body isn’t functioning

Quite like everyone else’s

Ohhhhh right but

“I know loads of people with lupus or ___

And they aren’t fat! They lost the weight–

The did this and they are that and

You are full of shit you lazy idiot!”

Just fucking listen to yourselves

For one fucking second

You deaf fucking idiots

Maybe fat is just another condition

Like anything else is

Bloating, fatigue, cramps, constipation–

Not everyone’s disease

Manifests the same and

Not everyone has the same problems–

But anyway, what was I saying?

Oh right– thin people are idiots–

They’re always like

“I know this person and

I know that person and

Losing weight is sooooo hard but

Loads of people do it so it mustn’t be

That hard I mean, the people I know who did it

Are still so fucking stupid–

Oh by the way, 

Have you seen them lately?

They’re getting bigger again!–

Fucking idiot”

It’s like

The republicans who say

Climate change is happening

But industry isn’t the culprit–

It’s obviously

Gays or

Sins or

Everything that’s easier to understand

When you’re screaming one-liners

From a pulpit

I just wish anyone knew

That the fat is not a suit

And I to not choose

To wear it.


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