Thought Piece

I’m thinking of trying to write

Another listicle.

It’s been about a year

Since my genderqueer listicle

And still

Still, people–

It gets more hits

Than any thing else I do

Including the podcast —


20 minute orgasm guaranteed is still

By far the winner–

But it is clickbait by design

Also no one has listened to it

All the way through.

No one.

So, this brings me back

To listicles.

I should write another!

A lot of the queer content

I read on the internet

Is shallow and depressing

I try to not be that

I try to be deep and uplifting–

Like a good top!

I want to write articles

About how


Is not a look

And how no one

Needs to change

Their wardrobe

Unless they want to

But that list is like–

One category

Maybe I should just write

A thought piece?

Who’s hiring?!

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