The thing is

I have a lot of problems and

I can’t relax

I can’t enjoy being alive or

Other people or

What I do or any of it honestly

I’m just on edge


I hate the world and

What it has done to me

I don’t sleep

I don’t eat

I don’t do much besides

Work and write poems

To myself secretly

On my phone where

No one can bother me

I think I probably


My therapist told me, but

I’m a millennial so

I can’t actually have any problems

Without being ridiculed

The Cushing’s syndrome is

Chronically elevated cortisol

And it results in

Trauma like symptoms and

PTSD is very common in

Children with Cushing’s syndrome.

I have nightmares

I’m on guard

I have panic attacks

I am generally miserable


With no reprieve

And when I say anything

All anyone asks me

Is if I’ve ever tried

Dieting or exercising or

Taking responsibility

For my health

I can’t help but wonder

If everyone isn’t getting off

On making me want

To kill myself

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