At first

I was like —

I’m an angry lesbian !!

Here to tap dance and bitch.

Then I was like —

I’m gonna help people!!

Understand all this gender shit

With a nice thick accent and a

Fucked up sense of humor.

Then I was like —

Nah man

I’m a man I guess —

Then I was like

Nahghhh I’m still NB

Forever, it’s the only thing that’s

Constant about me, well except for my—–

Fat, which I’m still having

A lot of problems

Freely talking about

I don’t think am strong enough

To be a body activist.


I’m like


I’m not supposed to be any of those things

Maybe I’m supposed to be

A tender, soft representative

For the people who are like me

And can’t understand

This shallow, temporary world we live in

Maybe I’m supposed to be

A testament to intimacy

A monument of empathy

A leaning tower of understanding

Maybe I’m supposed to be

A queer voice

That’s not like any we’ve heard

On a public pulpit

Maybe I am supposed to be

The most tender, achy heart

Who broke open

So wide

The world finally saw

All of us

As human

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