Micropenis Obsession

I was born when the internet wasn’t

Widely available and

Raised when it

Became so, so I had

Access to porn

At precisely the age

That I needed it

And never before!

Kinda sweet

If you ask me– anyway

I think some of my first search words were for


I couldn’t put my finger on

Why I needed to know about this

But some kids and school

Were talking and I

Decided to look into it.

I googled micropenis and

Pretty much didn’t stop

Searching for micropeni

Until I discovered that

Boobs and vaginas

Were also on the internet

I saw them in reference to

Penises but

Never on their own–

There is something

Particularly magical

About female solo– ANYWAY–

Where was I?

Oh right– tiny dicks!

I saw the

Massive ones the first time I clicked

So naturally the tiny ones

Were more elusive, more exotic and

Much more relatable to look at

I watched documentaries about

Tiny dicks and how

Some centuries and decades had

Trends about tiny dicks

And how big dicks

Have mostly been in fashion

Due to modern porn

Which all just like

Totally makes sense–

Is obvious, honestly

Painfully so

I don’t think it requires a

Documentary to know

Also like

A dick

Is limited to its form

No matter what size it is

So what’s the big deal?

You’re never going to be able to

Satisfy everyone


But yourself !

Size doesn’t matter, but

If it does, to you at least

Maybe stretch and train your

Imagination instead of your

Pee-pee station

You only get one urethra in this life, y’all.

Now that I have a

Micropenis of my own

All of this makes so much sense

In retrospect

I am so embarrassed


All of the time.

Oh well, back to


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